What’s one thing that Chicago’s world-famous museums and art galleries, individual owners of valuable collections, and other organizations that store valuable or even priceless items have in common? They all have the opportunity to keep their precious collectibles in the same facility, with the same safeguards, that many local law enforcement agencies trust with their long-term evidence storage, preservation, management, and even transportation needs.

The parallels between storing evidence for public agencies and storing and preserving priceless artwork and other collectibles are many and essential. This piece discusses those parallels and how Fortress Plus Solutions (FPS) can help museums, art galleries, individuals, and organizations store their valuable items properly and safely – off-site. 

A Quick View of Storing Artifacts, Artwork, Documents, and Other Collectibles

Items of these types can be priceless and extremely valuable in protecting the history and heritage of different populations worldwide. Storing them in a facility that is guaranteed secure is vital.

The physical safety of priceless collectibles goes beyond impenetrable walls, however. Many are delicate in nature and steps to ensure their preservation while in storage must be taken. 

Preservation can include properly packaging or wrapping in preparation for storage, then maintaining the items in differing environments based on their type – throughout the storage lifetime.

Law Enforcement Evidence Storage

Police agencies of all types and sizes have been utilizing privatized, off-site evidence storage facilities for several years now, but those facilities are few and far between in the United States. Until recently, there were none located in the Midwest. That changed with the opening of Fortress Plus Solutions in the Chicago area. FPS offers climate-controlled, secure storage in a facility that’s unmarked, alarmed, (unauthorized entry, fire, climate changes, power loss), video monitored, staffed 24/7, features controlled access, and an inventory management system that tracks and pinpoints the location of the items within their facility. They also provide secure transportation from their client’s location to their facility and back as needed.

The management of criminal case evidence is governed by some of the strictest rules, regulations, laws, and best practices that law enforcement agencies must abide by on a daily basis. This is the way it should be. These rules protect innocent people and help identify the correct criminal suspects.

Fortress Plus Solutions – Business Operations

FPS was founded by and is staffed by law enforcement evidence management experts who know and abide by all the rules, laws, standards, and requirements of proper evidence handling and storage. They operate a new, clean, state-of-the-art facility designed from the ground up to ensure the appropriate preservation and storage of evidence of any type, shape, or size.

It is this diligence and ability to properly preserve and store criminal case evidence that private collectors, museums, art galleries, and other organizations can now take advantage of in keeping their valuable property off-site, no matter its type.

Besides having the know-how and infrastructure to safeguard precious inventories, FPS offers their clients peace of mind, knowing that their property and evidence are safe, secure, appropriately preserved, and easily accessible. 

And they do so in a cost-effective manner. FPS scales its services to meet its client’s needs. Cost-effectiveness is one reason local police agencies are becoming clients. Law enforcement operates with budgets scrutinized by and approved by governing bodies. Government agencies contracting with FPS are a testament to the delivery of their services as promised and their affordability.


For private collectors of precious property, museums and art galleries with priceless inventories, and any organization tasked with storing valuable items, Fortress Plus Solutions is uniquely qualified and prepared to store their items or collections properly and securely – for as long as is needed.

FPS is a private company dedicated to providing law enforcement with evidence management and storage services that meet or exceed all the standards and laws that public safety agencies must legally follow. To do that, they are staffed by experts in their field who operate a facility that is second to none in physical security, internal climate control, evidence tracking systems, and on-site staff, which allows them to constantly monitor all of its systems and respond immediately to any anomalies in any of their operations.

The storage and preservation of valuable works of art, antiquities, historical documents, and more

off-site are now available in the Chicago area. FPS will care for these items in the same resolute and cost-effective manner they do for their law enforcement clients. While evidence in itself may not be priceless, the individuals involved in the criminal justice system would argue otherwise, and Fortress Plus Solutions treats every item in their care as if it were invaluable.


Fortress Plus Solutions provides safe, secure, documented transportation, handling, and storage of evidence and property for the long term. If your items require special storage conditions – we provide that. In addition, we offer evidence room audits to help law enforcement maintain best practices and accurate and up-to-date inventory records. In our blog, we post informative articles about privatized long-term storage and the auditing process. To learn more about our services, click here.