Secure Storage for Insurance Claims Evidence

Are you in need of reliable and secure evidence storage for insurance claims and litigation purposes? We understand that the resolution of such cases can often take years. That’s why, while your cases are pending, Fortress Plus Solutions can provide you with high-security warehousing services. We are dedicated to helping you meet your evidence and paper storage requirements while maintaining a strict chain of custody.

We offer preservation and protection for various types of claims, including:

  1. Insurance Claims: Collaborating closely with Claims Adjusters, we offer timely and cost-effective transportation and logistics services for property requiring storage. This includes documents and records, arson claims, natural disasters (such as fire, tornados, and floods), personal injury, death claims, and automobile claims.
  2. Product Liability: Our storage facilities are equipped to handle a wide range of items related to product liability, such as defective parts, medical and prosthetic devices, equipment, tools, parts, oversized property, industrial equipment, appliances, electronics, and more, as per your specific requests.
  3. Property & Evidence Returns: We recognize the importance of timely property and evidence returns. Rest assured; we are committed to delivering your items whenever you require them. Additionally, with proper notification and identification, your approved personnel are welcome to visit Fortress Plus Solutions at any time for evidence review purposes.

You can rely on our expertise and secure facilities to ensure the integrity and safekeeping of your evidence throughout its storage duration.

Choose Fortress Plus Solutions for unparalleled storage services tailored to insurance claims evidence.


At Fortress Plus Solutions we understand the importance of a strict chain of custody. We provide the physical safeguards, control procedures, and proper storage conditions to keep your critical property safe and preserve its integrity long-term.

We customize your storage to meet your specific needs and size requirements.

  • Transportation with Dedicated Trucks
  • Storage of Oversized and Odd-shaped Items
  • Flexible/Customized Storage
  • Climate-controlled Storage
  • Palletizing and Segregation
  • Inventory Management and Logistics

Our team of evidence specialists has deep knowledge of the standards outlined by the Illinois Association of Property and Evidence Managers (IAPE), and the National Institutes of Standards and Technology (NIST) regarding evidence storage and preservation.

Once your evidence arrives at our warehouse, an ID and warehouse location number is assigned to each item, crate, or pallet. Photo documentation is established and we have an armed security on-premise, plus 24-hour monitoring systems that encompass motion detection, fire prevention, and comprehensive security measures.

At Fortress Plus Solutions we provide security, monitoring, and availability whenever you need it.



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