Ensuring Secure Evidence Storage for Justice Administration

The proper administration of justice relies heavily on the secure storage of evidence throughout the duration of a trial. At Fortress Plus Solutions, we specialize in providing high-security warehousing services tailored to the needs of civil litigation, coupled with a strict chain of custody.

Our comprehensive security measures encompass:

  • Secure, Unmarked Facilities: Our facilities are designed to prioritize the confidentiality and safety of stored evidence, ensuring a discreet and secure environment.
  • Restricted Access: We strictly control access to our storage facilities, allowing only authorized personnel to handle and retrieve evidence, thus minimizing the risk of unauthorized tampering or breaches.
  • 24/7/365 Armed Security, Surveillance, and Monitoring: Our premises are equipped with state-of-the-art surveillance systems, employing round-the-clock monitoring to detect and prevent any potential security threats.
  • Secure Transportation with Dedicated Trucks: We prioritize the secure transportation of evidence by utilizing dedicated trucks with enhanced security features, ensuring the protection of your valuable materials during transit.

Our team comprises a diverse group of professionals, including attorneys, retired law enforcement personnel, and experienced facility and project management experts. They undergo extensive training in evidence handling, following the policies and procedures outlined by the International Association for Property & Evidence (IAPE). And the guidance provided by the National Institutes of Standards and Technology (NIST) regarding evidence storage and preservation.

Tailored Storage Solutions to Safeguard Your Evidence

At Fortress Plus Solutions, we specialize in providing secure evidence storage services to support the justice system, attorneys, and litigants. Our focus is on delivering budget-friendly storage solutions that can be customized to suit your specific requirements. With us, you only pay for the space you utilize.

Our offerings include a range of customizable features:

  1. Evidence Segregation: We ensure meticulous separation and organization of evidence, maintaining the integrity of each item and facilitating efficient retrieval when needed.
  2. Custom Crating and Storage Configurations: We can create tailored crating and storage configurations to accommodate items of various sizes, ensuring their optimal protection during storage.
  3. Oversized and Odd-sized Items: Our facilities are equipped to handle oversized and odd-sized items, guaranteeing their safe storage without compromising on security.
  4. Palletizing: For ease of handling and storage, we provide palletizing services, allowing for efficient stacking and utilization of space while keeping your evidence secure.
  5. Climate-controlled Storage: We offer climate-controlled storage options to safeguard evidence that requires specific temperature and humidity conditions, ensuring its preservation over time.

No matter the size or shape of your evidence, Fortress Plus Solutions is equipped to meet your secure storage needs. Our flexible solutions and dedicated approach ensure that your evidence is protected while maintaining accessibility whenever necessary.

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