As Police Chief for the past ten years, I have conducted several audits over the years on our Evidence Vault. We have been having a difficult time in even maintaining work space, often with over 15,000 pieces of inventoried evidence. And with increasing challenges of having to maintain more articles than ever involving major crimes for lengthy amounts of time due to criminal court proceedings being dragged on, we are struggling with space and efficiency. One example is our evidence from a homicide in the 1970s in our vault was contained in one standard size box. Comparatively, a recent homicide contained nine extra-large boxes of evidence that must be maintained forever. As soon as I heard about Fortress Plus Solutions being a viable options that covers the State of Illinois standards for Chain of Custody, Illinois Law Enforcement Accreditation Program standards, and high security maintenance, we visit their facility and asked assurance questions. We then immediately designated approximately 3,000 articles of forever evidence, such as homicide and sexual assault cases for transfer to Fortress Plus Solutions. With an aging Police Department building, cause for concern that a pipe may burst or another building tragedy could affect the integrity of very important criminal cases. The solutions that Fortress Plus Solutions provides has been both a relief and has definitely increased the efficiency of our evidence vault management.

Police Chief of a Chicago Suburb

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