Your Reliable, Secure Storage Solution

When it comes to safeguarding the integrity of your evidence and relying on a solid defense strategy for product liability and insurer representation, you require a trusted provider of secure storage with a strict chain of custody.

Enter Fortress Plus Solutions, where we collaborate closely with clients engaged in complex litigation, encompassing commercial disputes, freight and property claims, as well as significant injury and death cases. Our expertise extends to the storage of diverse items, catering to consumer, commercial, and industrial sectors, such as:

  1. TORT Evidence
  2. Fire and Arson Evidence
  3. Medical and Prosthetic Equipment
  4. Automotive Equipment, Parts, and Accessories
  5. Electronic Equipment
  6. Construction Materials
  7. Consumer Products
  8. Drones

Our professionals are trusted by federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies, litigation firms, and insurance providers in storing critical evidence.  You can rely on our team to provide the highest standards of safety, security, and accountability for every item entrusted to us.

Ensuring the Integrity of Your Property with a Secure Chain of Custody

At Fortress Plus Solutions, we recognize the utmost significance of maintaining a strict chain of custody. We offer comprehensive physical safeguards, meticulous control procedures, and optimal storage conditions to ensure the long-term safety and integrity of your critical property.

When it comes to evidence storage, Fortress Plus Solutions excels in providing high-security warehousing solutions. Our discreet facility is devoid of any identifiable markings and strictly limits access to authorized personnel. To further enhance security, our premises are equipped with an armed guard and 24-hour monitoring systems that encompass motion detection, fire prevention, and comprehensive security measures.

What sets us apart is our team of evidence specialists who possess profound expertise in the standards outlined by the Illinois Association of Property and Evidence Managers (IAPE), and the National Institutes of Standards and Technology (NIST) regarding evidence storage and preservation. Their extensive knowledge ensures that your property is handled and stored in accordance with industry best practices, guaranteeing its preservation and reliability throughout its storage duration.

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