We are THE solution to the long-term evidence and property storage problem many Midwestern law enforcement agencies are experiencing today.

The problem? Property rooms are bulging at the seams due to a lack of space. They also lack the proper facilities to maintain the volume of evidence requiring temperature-controlled environments.

FORTRESS PLUS SOLUTIONS provides safe, secure storage, handling, and transportation of evidence and property requiring long-term and special storage for law enforcement agencies. All services provided maintain strict, lawful, chain-of-custody protocols, and our unmarked, secure facility is monitored 24-7 for unauthorized entry and fire. And our climate-controlled zones maintain evidence in their required environment.


Siezed Evidence

Our Mission

Fortress Plus Solutions will provide law enforcement with practical, cost-effective solutions to their long-term evidence and property storage needs. We promote and maintain the integrity of our law enforcement partners through honest business practices and upholding the standards and laws governing evidentiary processes.

Siezed Evidence

Our Facility

Located in the greater Chicago area, our unmarked facility is 100% secure and provides restricted access to only authorized personnel. It is monitored for fire, unauthorized entry, and interior climate changes 24/7/365. The facility, designed with climate-controlled zones, provides customizable storage areas for all evidence and property types. And if your evidence or property is large, bulky, or odd-shaped – no problem – our facility will safely and securely store it for as long as you need.

Our Team

Mike Gillespie

Chief Executive Officer


Mike is the Chief Executive Officer at Fortress Plus Solutions. He owns several businesses including an auto dealership, internet company, and real estate property. He serves on several industry boards including the American Cancer Society. 

Matt Gainer

Chief Revenue Director



Matt is the Chief Revenue Director at Fortress Plus Solutions. He has served in a variety of law enforcement roles with Illinois State Police, The South Suburban Major Crimes Task Force, and the Chicago Heights Police Department. He is the President of the Illinois Homicide Investigators Association. He is a certified Property and Evidence Specialist.

    Joe Altman

    Evidence Property Custodian 



    Joe is the Evidence Property Custodian at Fortress Plus Solutions. He retired after 20 years in the U.S. Marine Corps. He has over 7 years of experience in Evidence Managment. He is a certified Property and Evidence Specialist.

      Carlos Gantes

      Warehouse Operations



      Carlos manages the day-to-day outside operations of Fortress Plus Solutions.

      Hailey Rae

      Marketing Director



      Hailey is the Marketing Director at Fortress Plus Solutions. She graduated from the University of Kentucky with Business Administration in Management and Marketing. She is certified Property and Evidence Specialist.

      John Tufo



      John is a consultant with Fortress Plus Solutions.


      Tim Gainer



      Time is a consultant with Fortress Plus Solutions. He is currently a Director of the South Suburban Major Crimes Task Force. He is a board member of the Illinois Homicide Investigators Association. He is a certified Property and Evidence Specialist.


        What Do You Store?

        We store evidence, records and documents, and other items requiring high-security storage. 

        Do You Store Short-Term Evidence?

        Yes. Fortress Plus can store and provide secure transportation of your short-term evidence. 

        Do You Store Vehicles?


        Is There Anything You Will Not Store?

        Fortress Plus does not store narcotics or currency. 

        How Do I Prepare My Evidence To Transfer to the Fortress Plus Solutions Warehouse?

        One of our dedicated professionals will contact you and provide a thorough checklist of requirements to ensure a seamless transfer of evidence.

        How Does Fortress Plus Ensure a Strict Chain of Custody for my Evidence?

        Once our Evidence Custodian verifies your evidence, it is sealed and then loaded and locked on our truck and transported to our high-security facility.  Upon arrival at our warehouse, each piece of evidence is assigned a unique ID and warehouse location number. We can provide photographic verification upon request.

        How Can I Conduct Evidence Reviews and Inspections When My Property Is In Your Warehouse?

        Upon request, Evidence may be inspected, and audited in the privacy of our Evidence Viewing Room. 

        Do You Transport Evidence?

        Yes, upon request, Fortress Plus provides secured transportation of your evidence to your agency, laboratories, courts, etc.

        What Type of Evidence Management System Do You Use To Track Agencies' Property In Your Possession?

        Fortress Plus  uses Porter Lee Corp’s BEAST barcoded Evidence Management System to track and maintain proper Chain of Custody of all agencies’ property

        What Type of Security Is In Place at Fortress Plus?

        Our unmarked, high-security facility has a state-of-the-art security system that is monitored on-site 24/7/365 by trained personnel.

        How Is My Evidence Protected While In Storage?

        Items are shrink-wrapped and stored in our climate-controlled warehouse. Our facility is safeguarded by a fire suppression system.  

        Are You Licensed to Store Evidence.

        Yes, FPS maintains all licenses for the storage of evidence as required by the state of Illinois.

        What Is the Cost of Storing My Property With You?

        Evidence Condos range from $299 to $499 per month based on a variety of factors.  Your Fortress Plus representative can provide a custom quote upon your request.

        What Other Services Do You Offer Besides Storage?

        eWe provide evidence room audits, mobile surveillance trailers, cold case and major case reviews, expert testimony, and polygraph services,

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